Serenity and roaring

Omar Imady
Dec 11, 2023
Photo by Cottonbro Studio

I know you are there

stepping out of a dress

which went unseen

splashing water on colours and scents

and asking, as you embrace space, why

did I have to be here?

But I know you are there.

Between two shades, I erect you

and beneath folds of silk

your eyes I bury.

I introduce you to me

a northern tune

a tongue exploring the source

of the whistling

a hand searching between your shoulders

for the final seal.

I introduce you to me

droplets of lemon

falling upon your lips

and quivering with your knees.

I introduce you to me

serenely and roaring.



Omar Imady

Poet / Novelist / Historian / Syrian / American / Exile / Javaphile / Gastronome / Aerophobe