Omar Imady
May 15, 2023
Photo by Vlad Kutepov on Unsplash

from the diner of clichés

you summon a word

a lens

an eye

a sword

— freedom

it arrives on a orange scooter

in an metallic box

insulated and cold

— freedom

it finds you

indefinitely guilty

perpetually in debt

the very debt you paid back sevenfold

in silhouetted blood

in stencilled gold

— freedom

a traitorous hero

a principled coward

a genuine fraud


in the image of fear

from the clay of phobia

with the scent of mould

— freedom

all in the same box

insulated and cold



Omar Imady

Poet / Novelist / Historian / Syrian / American / Exile / Javaphile / Gastronome / Aerophobe